The Stichting Groningen Orgelland [Foundation for Organs in Groningen] published the yearly calendar of organ concerts in Groningen (Groninger Orgelagenda).  An important part of the calendar is devoted to the list of more than 160 organ concerts and organ demonstrations in the province of Groningen, and there is also considerable space devoted to organ news from the region.  
As always, there is space for regularly recurring events such as the SGO organ competition, the shorter and longer SGO organ excursions, and the open organ day.  
Newly released CDs, DVDs and publications, workshops, organ inaugurations and excursions are presented.  The calendar offers information on the state of various organ restorations in the province of Groningen.  

The calendar includes references to the updated website of the SGO:  Concurrently with the new calendar a new catalog has been published, detailing the newest CDs and books.  The calendar and the catalog can be ordered via or by using the link in the menu on the left.