The Foundation

Here you can read about the goals and activities of the foundation.  

Activities of the Foundation for Organs in Groningen (Stichting Groningen Orgelland, SGO)

The Foundation for Organs in Groningen serves as umbrella organization for the (local) organ committees in the province of Groningen.  

Annual activities of the foundation include:

-the organ competition for amateur organists on one of the organs in the province of Groningen;
-the organization of shorter and longer organ excursions;
-setting up and staffing an organ documentation and information stand in the Martinikerk in Groningen during the summer months.  

In addition, the foundation publishes books, brochures, and CDs, (including the organ encyclopedia providing descriptions of all organs in the province of Groningen).  The foundation promotes the use of the organ for educational purposes, works with other organizations to stimulate the touristic and educational development of Groningen’s cultural and historical heritage (specifically as regards the organs), makes recommendations about maintenance and restorations of organs and where possible supports them financially.  
The activities are all mentioned in the annual Groninger Orgelagenda (Groningen Organ Calendar), which appears in March or April.  

The Stichting Groningen Orgelland [Foundation for Organs in Groningen] was established in 1969 on the occasion of the international conference commemorating the great organ maker Arp Schnitger, which was held in that year in Groningen.  
The organs of Schnitger are the instruments for which organists, organ builders, and students from the whole world come to the northern Netherlands (and the area just across the border in Germany).  The Stichting Groningen Orgelland works together with the Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft to keep the value of these organs in the public attention.  The organs of Schnitger play an important role in the goal of the foundation:  publicizing and maintaining the historical organs of the province of Groningen.